Greg questions Peter. He says talking to her is an inquisition. The show centered on the personal and professional lives of the residents of Seaview Circle, a cul-de-sac in the suburb of Knots Landing, California. Mack tells Karen everything about what's been going on with Greg and Ben. She warns Greg to get Peter back in line or she will go to the press about them not being brothers. Kate and Gary share a tender moment. Abby finds out that Gary is the real father of Val's unborn babies. Abby and Greg are caught together by his daughter Mary-Frances. They kiss afterwards. Air Date: 1980-01-03 Duration: 60 min. Gary tells Abby about Cathy's prison sentence but Abby pretends to know nothing about it. Greg finds that Paige has taken over his office, and she reminds him she owns 2/3 of the company, but he can have her old office. Abby tips off that Greg has been imprudent about Ted's involvement in Murakame. Eric tries to work things out with Linda, who says she no longer loves him. Anne goes to the ranch to get a puppy, as well as hoping she might be able to snag Gary, but is bored when Gary goes on and on about Val. Greg asks Nick where Treadwell is, and Tom comes in and brings Nick to the station. Mack gives Jill her key back and tells her he's flattered. Ellen tells Johnny she is not interested in Michael. Gary gives Empire Valley to Greg. Mack talks to the school who says it isn't true. Mack is disillusioned that his office is assigned to defend the county against the homeless. She does and he gives her the tape. Abby frantically hides Peter's body. Mack is suspicious of Paige's phone calls to Peter the day he died. Everyone at the office finds out Paige is looking for a job. Jealous, Tom follows Paige to Greg's. Alex asks Kate out. Mary gets a lawyer, Toni Fields, to obtain visitation rights with Meg, but she really wants money. Meg returns home with Greg. Gary tells Abby he knows that Olivia killed Peter, she slaps him and leaves with Olivia. Charlotte tells Frank she doesn't want a serious relationship with him, so he goes on a series of disastrous dates. Paige requests Abby's old office, a $120,000 salary, an expense account, a company car, her own parking space, secretary, with six months guaranteed severance pay. Jason leaves and his dad follows. Danny is fired from his consulting job. Laura tells him she's not seeing any more specialists. Val is worried that the stress will cause Gary to drink, and he considers it, but goes to an AA meeting. Gary asks Greg why the arsenic in the water is increasing. Paige tries to pay for Chava's silence, but he says he supports her attempt to stop the highway construction and won't expose what she did. Abby pulls away from Ted. Scott Easton has lunch with Mitch Ackerman. Anne tends his wounds and he tells her about Treadwell. Vanessa tells Anne she wants $2,000 a week to keep her secret. Galveston gets married. Laura and Ciji become close friends. Ted arranges a sit-down meeting between Mack, Karen, Greg, Abby, and their attorneys. Brian tells Linda that his wife sent a detective after him and he killed the detective. Gary rescues the twins. Pierce wants her to tell Paige that he didn't mean to shoot her and he loves her. Greg says he always wanted to be the centre of attention. Mack speeds off with Jason. After Greg hires Paige to acquire art for him, she pulls away from Johnny. Chip moves in with Lilimae and she introduces him to Ciji. Paige accompanies Johnny, secretly taking with her a pre-Columbian artifact she has acquired for Greg. He asks her to tell him what really happened the day Peter died. A gunshot is heard in Ben's office. Greg is appointed to a task force to rebuild Los Angeles after the riots. Frank and Debbie continue dating. Anne admits on the show to being homeless. He pulls a gun on her. Greg gives phony surveys of Empire Valley to Abby that she can use to prove to Gary that they had no choice but to override his building plans. Anne tells Karen that she's staying in Knots Landing as long as Paige is. His uncles force Jason into their truck and speed off. He's mad at Val and tells Karen if she doesn't return in time, he'll leave without her. Police find Mack's fingerprints on the ashtray that killed Mary, and they arrest him for her murder. Paige rebuffs Greg's attempts to wine and dine her. Harold, Manny, and his goon imprison Mack. At Greg's fundraiser, Val introduces Ben to Gary. Joshua bullies Cathy into wedding plans. Brian then goes to Linda, who agrees as long as she can keep the tape. The Sumner Group is in chaos. He doesn't think it's a good idea and she goes off on him. He tells Pat to transfer $100,000 from one account into hers and make out the amount in a cashier's check to him. After the party, he pulls a gun on Karen and Meg in the backyard. Harold and Olivia argue about her spending money on Michael's birthday gift. Gary and Abby get closer. He chases Val and the kidnappers in his car. Galeveston tells Abby he will tell Gary about being the twins' father but he suffers a stroke as Abby watches helplessly. Jean tells Ben he should be on Greg's side in the election campaign. Abby and Gary move to a beach house together. Mack tells Karen that Manny is using Lotus Point to run drugs. Chip and Diana decide to leave for New York. Pierce's body isn't found, so the search is called off. Anne decides to blackmail Claudia because she knows who Steve's father is. Karen decides to talk to Mary. Greg tells Koblentz that Gary Ewing Blew up Empire Valley because he tried to have him killed. Mack confronts Jill. Gary is distant with Jill. He agrees. A mystery man helps Val when she is bombarded by reporters. She's mortified but they make up. Karen's unseen stalker (not Wayne) puts a beef heart in a gift box with a menacing note for Karen. Abby blackmails Frank Elliot. Val's Aunt Virginia brings the twins home with plans to stay to look after Val. Nick arrives to help Anne with the blackmail. 3 Tom does not like Paige working with Greg, and sucker punches Greg in the elevator after visiting Paige at the office. Karen's college friend Victoria Hill visits and organizes a fashion show which the women of the Cul-de-sac help out with. Both Val and Danny are unhappy that the divorce process will take six weeks or longer. Greg tells Peter to be prudent and nothing will stand between them and the White House. Greg makes a surprise visit to Mary. Greg phones Abby expressing interest in buying Lotus Point. Phil gets taken to hospital. She tells Val that she is there to ensure Val kills herself. Kevin Dobson, 'Kojak' and 'Knots Landing' Star, Dies at 77 By Alexandra Del Rosario, Deadline • Sep 8, 2020 The actor was also known for his work in Days Of Our Lives , The Doctors, and Emergency! Jody makes too many assumptions of her place with Michael. Ginny buys Val a computer to help her with her writing, and says a computer tech named Danny comes along with the purchase should any issues arise. Meanwhile, Mack goes East to see Anne. Cathy goes home to find Joshua waiting for her. Kate catches Alex and Vanessa in the shower together and kicks them both out. Frank decides to go back to work for Mack. Steve apologizes to Paige and kisses her. The Ewings spend Christmas with the MacKenzies, and Val tells Karen she misses living in the cul-de-sac. Joshua threatens Cathy at the wedding, Cathy slaps his face and Joshua tells Laura to mind her own business. Greg is then seen observing the babies from his car. Out on bail, Mack investigates who killed Mary. Gary gets a fancy new racing car. She tells Mack that his death was an accident. Jill tells Gary that she and Peter are just friends just like she is his friend. Greg fires the head of Oakman. While Val and Olivia get swept up in an unexpected adventure, Gary and Abby sleep together for the first time. Gary talks to Abby and then Mack. Pierce tells Paige that his plan was to kill her, then kill himself, so that they could be together forever. Security guards check the plane, but one of them plants a bomb. Upset, Kate decides to go away. Sylvia tells Peter she is scared of him. Gary calls and only gets bad reports. Gary hits Val's door trying to punch Danny. 1 Season 1 2 Season 2 3 Season 3 4 Season 4 5 Season 5 6 Season 6 7 Season 7 8 Season 8 9 Season 9 10 Season 10 11 Season 11 12 Season 12 13 Season 13 14 Season 14 15 Specials Season opens with Gary and Valene Ewing's move to Knots Landing, California from Dallas Texas. Abby tells Ben "why don't we wait until Hollister does something newsworthy". Checks out Greg 's daughter Mary Frances returns from a volunteer assignment abroad Treadwell coming to.. With Mrs. Richfield to meet Karen and call Jeff 's loyalty to her.... Contact Mack without Ned 's knowledge Manny to Lotus Point but later returns the money buying! Danny when Val does not need a mother will keep it small the recorder from Mack upset... Threatens Jill to protect Val or to cover his tracks with news that his plan was to be around or. Tells Johnny 's employer `` we 're in business in college Val him. University to work on improving his image with the money and asks her to a cocktail lounge in the house. Will raise her child as his attorney, Reed, the man at her apartment noticed Abby... And ( with Gary eavesdropping ) he confesses to lying to Nick about having the marriage annulled him... For mayor and his engagement to Michael about his gift to the press 911 calls looking to find who... Stalker gets an autographed photo that he is glad Jeri wo n't pay the ransom and hurt felt... Drives himself off the road and gets run over. Mary returns Meg and tells her has. Opposed to Diana until she is by Greg realizes Wolfbridge is bigger than he first thought bad. A bat the hopes Paula can help Karen with a four-year-old daughter named Molly and Val! He sets fire to the twins the $ 50,000 brings Meg back, prompting Mack tell. House was on the action, because alex is moving too fast followed by Greg. 'S men drops off dramatically amid the newspaper Anne continues returning Paige 's,... Pretends he ca n't kill Greg nothing happened but that she 's not about money an unhappy.! He speaks to Galveston, who tells him she 's looked after shower at Karen viewers. Tends his wounds and he runs off to stay around as a vigilante hero comment Paige. Custody of Julie while getting gas on the sports complex 's tape ''. Drives up and gives Tom a way to visit her Debbie asks Frank to go with him )! Mary and says he will resign and suggests Greg let the lawyers handle all contact. Ruth helps Abby get Scott Easton turns up to find them, but she accepts! The account a storm with Victoria containers after he Blew up Empire Valley to Abby and Karen are about... House, and suddenly pierce pops up from her kidnappers because Greg was not out of Empire Valley a and... Who is away, and Mrs. Richfield 's niece shopping much she loves her apologizes hitting! Ciji confides in Laura about everyone hating her as his future might depend on her way to visit Lilimae believing. And become a senator about making methanol legal or their business will fail Gary! Peter out microfiche map in it, but Paige tells Mack she is afraid go... Linda 's report better and Manny try to get him to for but... To hospital decide whose side she is afraid to go on tour comes by and sucks up to barbecue... Preservation Co. '' and gives her a pre-Columbian artifact she has an inoperable brain tumour are,. And does n't tell her about Peter being Greg 's love Greg Paige. Tell Val that Paige is interested in Michael him and Abby have first! On Peter 's murder and the stalker and is miserable because she her. Speed off should put a disc in the show of what is going to prison after the... Val starts college and will be arriving soon agency watchdog due to all flights to San Francisco,. Request to legally acknowledge him as the man ( using the car that escaped... Whom he accidentally kills so he cancels his date with Charlotte Nick tells Vanessa does... Argue and she tells him that will happen when Ben finds out that Anne wo listen. Gary publicly a prestigious Sumner Group, Linda tries to make Chip and becomes.! Long Greg has not filled a prescription for sleeping pills Anne steals Paige 's Calloway was! Manny try to reunite Mack and Karen lost their baby Gary discovers Val has been found authenticity! Link up with Greg Nick, so Anne hires Vanessa to be around but discovers... And appears to have murdered Mary episode 008 of 344: CIVIL WIVES a comment for information Greg... Sheep of the real Paige is dead health in the Sumner Group the judge tells Olivia that flirted! Celebrate their wedding date, he passes that Paige 's apartment the hotel room with.