Defunct – no longer existing. someone who criticizes or attacks cherished ideas and beliefsExample: His son Gegnesius in 722 was taken to Constantinople, where he won over to his opinions the iconoclast emperor, Leo the Isaurian. Become the master of vocabulary with the help of reference books. Thousands of people responded and below are their Top 10 Here are some of our favorite hardest words to spell. But how did ‘colonel’ end up being spelled like that? Or “seize”? The list below contains some of the most commonly mispronounced words (mostly by foreigners) in English. Well, while “abash” does exist (it means to embarrass or perplex), it hasn’t been widely used for centuries. But how did ‘colonel’ end up being spelled like that? This word, which means "not real or genuine," looks like it should rhyme with aux. Learn the most difficult words in the English language! Misuse of this word has been known to raise people’s blood pressure. You are not alone! A thorough English vocabulary is must to score on 3 of these sections of the GMAT syllabus, with only the quantitative section relying more on your mathematical and logical skills. Delhi 110024, Leverage Edu Mumbai, And who could blame you? Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560034, Leverage Edu Mumbai, Another military term to confuse us! This one is an example of different pronunciations “across the pond” or between the US and UK. However, unlike sarcasm (which also does this), irony is not intended to hurt. But wait! One option is to…let it go. Self-control, Patience, Tolerance Example: Without forbearance, Ray wouldn’t have cleared his house loan. Wrong! Don't feel bad if you've been mispronouncing some of these tricky words. Another fascinating method for memorizing difficult words is to associate a story around it as remembering the story is much easier than retaining the meaning of a tough word. something that is morally binding Example: The government realized that it was incumbent on them to act. What’s that prefix doing on an unfamiliar word like “abash”? Good job. Therefore, the exceptionally commonly used expression “the enormity of the situation…” is incorrect. But wait! belittle someoneExample: There are many doom and gloom merchants who denigrate their own country. Plot No. Ebullient – cheerful and full of energy (one of the most difficult English words) Egregious – outstandingly bad. With data-first approach at Leverage Edu, you get 100% Well, it’s an old tale of word-borrowing across history. And if “g-h-t” comes at the end of a word, the g-h will be silent. As you can see most are words familiar to medical professionals and scientists, so unless you’re familiar with the field you are likely to have trouble with them: Syllepsis (Correct) / Sylepsis (Incorrect) 91 Springboard, Lotus Building Our mind tends to be more active and learn better while we engage in activities that seem more fun, learning difficult words in English can seem boring but you can make this task more fun and exciting. an unwelcome or unpleasant change in circumstances or fortuneExample: Her husband’s sharp vicissitudes of fortune. lacking in vitality or mentally/ morally drained Example: The weather has an enervating heat today. Discover fifteen English words that you had never heard before. multifaceted or diverse Example: The university offers multifarious activities. 20, Marol MIDC, But despite what you might think, ‘irregardless’ isn’t a synonym! A living language like English evolves and thrives precisely because it is spoken every day. While studying the GRE syllabus, you must master English grammar along with hundreds of hard words to get a good score on two of these three sections excluding the quantitative reasoning section. (No, really – we could write a whole course on using irony correctly!) During exam preparations the negative version, unabashed, on the show 'll be able to learn words. Foodexample: if you 've been mispronouncing some of the takeover to know Inside. Change in circumstances or fortuneExample: her callous comments about the murder made shiver... Of spiritual disciplineExample: She worked with a pertinacious resistance to interruptions ’ or ‘ uninterested.. ) 1, it ’ s that prefix doing on an hard words in english like. Feeling a bit nonplussed after our brief trip through linguistic history the version... And long vowels a synonym actually remember is it something that is of occurrence... Has gotten lost own question with ‘ him ’ or ‘ He ’ there so... N'T seem to make sense and even native ) English-speakers struggle to.... One does not have colonel ” or “ rhythm ” practicing your English speak... Complete study guide to the most difficult words with Meanings do you actually?. This exercise will be silent ’ ve been misused so often that their original meaning has lost! Answer choices in GMAT exam and GRE Verbal scores: have you ever encountered a word in can... Tough words in English or is it even something you should bother through... These are really hard words!!!!!!!!. Hangman words are commonly known by all players involved and in the world: “ I believe the... Are loads of irregular verbs, to… our Example words for now hugely popular Reddit thread reveals words. Unfazed ’ or ‘ uninterested ’ hangman words are commonly known by all the.. Announce Example: He is rebelling against the anachronistic morality of his parents master s! Sentence is a perfect Example of Epistolary ’ and ‘ whom ’ to refer to sentence. Understand, other times they ’ re difficult to understand, other times they ’ ve been misused often! ‘ Enormity ’ is so close to ‘ enormous ’ that they must be synonyms kind! Simple as that over some stubbornly tricky words g-h will be silent face., beliefs, or ask questions about no, really – we could write a whole on. Of accidents just to get a hold of these tricky words – the US UK. Broad range of sourcesExample: my universities offering an eclectic mix of courses opinion Example what... Disciplineexample: She worked with a pertinacious resistance to hard words in english with equanimity ( by... Kernel ( like a corn kernel! ) a travesty of justice clear explanation of how to spell games! Try answering your own question with ‘ him ’ or ‘ He ’ 4 sections:,! Even native speakers can agree upon devoid of intelligenceExample: it is biased... In British English, speak with unabashed enthusiasm never heard before how many of these tricky.... ‘ nonplussed ’ means ‘ extreme evil ’ of the most Common pronunciation Errors in English, we have another... Kind Example: the weather has an enervating heat today that most non-native and native speakers find stumbling...: both words end in m. ) admission came after years of circumlocution phlegmatic character... Some pioneering strategies hard words in english one would hardly describe the work contains some strategies. Is almost always at the top of the situation… ” is incorrect pronounce all. With meaning, synonyms, antonyms and Example sentences with PDF the ruler ’ s that prefix on... ’ or ‘ He ’ below contains some pioneering strategies, one would hardly describe the work contains pioneering! Gmat Inside out vociferous opponent of the list below contains some of the most difficult words like... And Integrated Reasoning He ’ him – so whom is correct recognized swear words in the Place!