Use inexpensive bottles of craft-sized paint and paint extender/glaze to create your custom color combination samples! If you remove the lint properly before the first use, you should not have to do this ever again. This is used to paint "veins" on the surface, as you need an uneven brush stroke. Don’t worry about keeping it straight or consistent. Squirt a blob of each shade of green paint on a plastic plate. The type of paint doesn't seem to matter. There are dozens and dozens or different types of … If you have never faux finished with The Woolie, view our detailed step-by-step instruction videos to. Layers of paint and glaze in realistic stone … Faux marble is usually created with paint techniques. PERFECT for Any size project - large or small. These recommendations are general guidelines and should be used as such. Heavily applying the paint as instructed extends the drying time, which makes this process so unique and easy to do. 4 colors of paint: black, gray, dark green, and white (In my case, I used black spray paint, and acrylic for the other colors. Prior to faux finishing with The Woolie 2-Color Roller, make sure the area is clean of any contaminants such as grease, wax, dirt or any other material that would affect the adherence of paint to the surface. How to Crochet a Whimsical Light Fixture! If you desire the overall color to be darker, apply more of the darker color(s) when applying paints to the surface. The Woolie has been deemed the best-selling and most popular decorative faux finish painting tool for creating many faux finish painting techniques. The Art Castle is a Decorative Painting and plastering company with experience in mural art, faux finishes, venetian plaster,concrate plaster,tadelakt plaster and color consulting in Los Angeles (LA), we are a comprehensive design firm that creates interior decorative art and faux … Use The Woolie for: Color-Meshing, Marbling, Color Wash, Glazing, Dragging, Strié, Linen, Denim, Antiqued Leather, Stippling, Diamonds, Stripes, and MORE!". If you have never faux finished with The Woolie Faux Painting Tools and Techniques, view our detailed step-by-step instruction videos to ensure your delight and success.​. The fact is that it's really very difficult to visualize paint color combinations. They can be done and done right. First, paint the surface to be marbleized completely black. You can become more creative with experimentation and sampling of colors. It very important that you apply masking tape to protect your woodwork and ceiling lines BEFORE you begin painting. Cut Counters to Size. The paint should flow easily. A basic marble faux finishing technique -- standard white marble with gray and black veins -- is beneficial to learn regardless of what type of marble you wish to recreate with paint. The Woolie faux finish paint tool is fast and easy for beginners to professionals. Official Manufacturer Store and Learning Resource Site, After all of the colors have been applied, use the applicator brush to, You do NOT need to tap too aggressively or with excessive force because the amount of force used has. Ombre Wall | Pretty Handy Girl. Jul 27, 2015 - Explore Lorraine Stetson Gaglione's board "Marble paint ideas", followed by 116 people on Pinterest. Dab the paint … Great for smooth or textured walls. We suggest that you experiment with sample colors that they offer prior to finalizing your color selections. A unique specialty finish, such as faux marble, makes a statement in any room of your home. I was a little weary at first, but my journey into the world of faux marbling has completely changed my mind about faux finishes.