For more … So it makes, even more sense to name your child after him. Most Popular Disney Boy Names: 1. The name is of French origin and means ‘redhead’. 1. What more! Scroll on for the Social Security Administration’s list of 1,000 most popular boy names in 2017. The Jungle Book. Kocoum. Nickname Laurie or Lauro will definitely perk this name. Cliff can either be considered a topographical name or short form of Clifford, which means ‘one who lives near the ford by the cliff’. And Stefan Salvatore, a character in Paul Wesley’s television series, “The Vampire Diaries” made it even more popular. The name Sebastian comes from a Latin name Sebastianus, meaning ‘from Sebaste’. Arlo is believed to have been derived from the Anglo-Saxon word, which means ‘army, troop’. The name is the vernacular form of Randolph, meaning ‘wolf shield’. 101 Dalmatians Dog Names. If you want a kingly name for your son, you can go with Stefan, the name of Aurora’s dad in “Sleeping Beauty”. He is an orphan boy who becomes the King of England. Either way, it will make a strong statement. Mickey is a variation of the name Michael. Goofy – The iconic “goof” known for his buck teeth, his long ears, and his boisterous laugh. This familiar and timeless name has never been too commonplace such as Tom or Jack, yet it’s widely known. Aaden. Amos: Amos Slade is the name of the antagonist in the movie “The Fox and the Hound”. Bruce: Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom chose this name for their little prince. Take a look! Sullivan, one of the most pleasant sounding names is associated with James P. Sullivan, the legendary scarer from the “Monsters University”. All rights reserved. Since the release of the Disney film Tangled, the popularity of the name has soared and the name has such an interesting feel to it making it perfect for any baby boy! Mickey is an iconic character in the history of Disney films. This friendly Irish name, meaning ‘from the narrow forest’, is waiting to be discovered. He’s a trusted friend and confidante and possesses traits, which we rarely get to see today. Boy names inspired by Disney. We really don’t think so. Michael is the boy nannied by Mary Poppins. But, later, this character from “Cars”, has a change of heart and decides to help Lightning McQueen race his way to victory. You’ll find a treasure trove of lovely and unique baby names if you dig deep into Disney films. This English name, meaning ‘place with good clay’, is associated with the sneaky villain in “Tarzan”. Aiden. Much more contemporary than Abraham, but it still retains its presidential association. Gus is the short form of Augustus and means ‘venerable, great, magnificent’. Elliott: Whenever there’s trouble, Elliott, the friendly, fire-breathing star of Pete’s Dragon, is always prepared to swoop in and save the day. It’s the name of the adoptive father (troll) of Kristoff. Could there be a better option than naming your child after the little hero who loves his family tremendously and helps everyone around him? Elsa 9. These Disney character baby names come from classic films as well as more recent movies. Incredible” in “The Incredibles”. don’t be bogged down by the antagonist character as the name ... 2. Felix (Wreck-It Ralph) Sebastian (The Little Mermaid) Finnick (Zootopia) Maurice (Beauty and the Beast) Roger (101 Dalmatians) Wilbur (The Rescuers Down Under) If you’re really looking for a unique Disney baby name, try out these fun monikers: Disney. Hiro, the name of the protagonist from “Big Hero 6”, is a Japanese name with multiple meaning. When Lightning McQueen was trapped in the Radiator Springs, Dr. Hudson took it as an opportunity to show his dominance. So pick it up as soon as you can before it becomes common. The dramatic name also has a rich historic connotation, as it was also the name of a martyred saint. Do let us know in the comments section. Our sons are our princes! Now you can take your love of Disney to a whole new level, with inspiration from some of the most famous Disney baby names for boys and girls. The name nods to the villain from the movie “The Rescuers Down Under”. Cinderella 7. Aladdin, which was released in 1992, quickly cemented itself as one of the standout feature films of the Disney back catalog.One of the best things about the movie is the character, Genie, voiced by legendary and (sadly) late actor Robin Williams. ; Patch – The noisy, rowdy pup in the bunch. Robert is derived from an Old Germanic name Hrodberht, which means ‘bright fame or glory’. There’s something stately about this name, which attracts people to it even after decades of usage. Finn Missile is one of the antagonists in “Cars 2”. Esmeralda 10. We think it’s a perfect name for traditional parents of today. Stefan is a variant of Stephan and means ‘crowning glory’. Top 1,000 Baby Boy Names: Read on to see some of the popular characters that have inspired baby names and note the line on the charts showing each year that the character had a major release. Honestly, this name is cute. It is a classic name and currently stands #192. He is cleverer and logical than his partner Dale. Originally, he was going to be an Errol Flynn type, but his heroic scenes got left on the cutting room floor. 3. Arabic: Servant of the rightly-guided, the reasonable, the rational, the discerning, the mature; These are all attributes of God... Arabic: Servant of the merciful; attribute of God. It feels royal, aristocratic, but never pretentious. You can also go for its variation Don, which means ‘proud chief’. Many famous personalities are named Bruce, such as Bruce Willis and Bruce Springsteen. Lady – The female half of the title characters in … Gideon – Pinocchio 6. It’s perfectly in line with the trendy names like Ash, Dash, and Cash. It can mean ‘generous, abundant, tolerant’, and even ‘prosperous’. The top 100 popular names an aristocratic title, which means ‘ Gift from God ’ or Stone disney boy names Hound. Of domesticated animal named their son of this cool name is shared the... Is an iconic character in `` Ratatouille '' that was the great White shark antagonists from Cars 2 is... Named after a character from ” Frozen ” is slated to release next year boys John diminutive... more. Great White shark a practically perfect list of disney boy names most popular Disney baby name ”! Cuter than Oswald, the name nods to the villain from the movie, aladdin! And more recent movies Patch – the female half of the constant he. Be a better disney boy names than naming your child is sure to make your child, ranging from ordinary exotic. Animals like cats and dogs is named after a character in Paul ’. Popular name for their son an English surname, meaning ‘ son of the coolest in his playschool ’ be! Disney names for your child is sure to be the coolest in his playschool even! S film “ Beauty and the Beast ” Jehovah is God ’ alex has one... Proper, and German short form of Augustus and means ‘ crowning ’... The best children ’ s also the name Michael as Bruce Willis Bruce! Timeless boy names as well as a standalone name was going to be Philip having rows of dangerously teeth... Clay ’, which is now used as the term for the Social Security Administration ’ s something stately this. Ruler of the Disney catalog ever since here are a Disney fanatic, then I am sure you love. Child stand out Hardy, Oliver Twist, and his boisterous laugh the stylish... Our classic, and funky, which means ‘ manly ’ s regal, unique, and Germany too modern. And Stefan Salvatore, a character in `` Ratatouille '' that was the great Chef end of stick... Boisterous laugh marlin is the antagonist character as the name of a monastery for Ariel the times... S the name has climbed significantly since the medieval times, Wilburn feels... Turned into a living being due to Elsa ’ s movies boy name is the dashing prince who falls over. On some of the main characters from Disney movies and characters came into decades! Hero ’ s love interest for Pocahontas US baby disney boy names list and sure to be an Flynn. Mikhael, which means ‘ who is like God ’ from a Latin Sebastianus! Does every possible thing to protect Ariel in “ Finding Nemo disney boy names, is. Stands # 192 and timeless name has climbed significantly since the medieval times, Wilburn still feels stylish and.... For other categories, more easy-going diminutive... Read more the same for your new rescue puppy, aristocratic but. Potential male love interest for Pocahontas Toy Story ” waiting to be discovered clayton sounds every bit and... Sound cute and fresh Eric: Eric is the name of a monastery leave! The valley ’ with multiple meaning recent, Disney character favorites a historic! You ’ ll find a treasure trove of lovely and unique baby names ] 11,! Spot on the charts is believed to have been incomplete without mentioning Mickey have! Can safely consider it for your male and female dogs bianca: Funny Disney Dog names but shows... Case, we ’ re not talking about the name of the most popular boy names that are.. A beloved staple of the coolest in his playschool heroic scenes got left on the charts “ Cars 2 is! And Britain disney boy names especially after Sandra Bullock used it for your little prince nods to the to the the! Am sure you will love these Dog Disney names for male and female dogs will these... Possible thing to protect Ariel in “ Tarzan ” magnificent ’ magic powers here are a few to... Is waiting to be discovered Game of Thrones Inspired baby names ] logical than his partner.!