These cookies do not store any personal information. Savings: $289.00. My off road rides can be half dayers, I’m in SE England – fairly hilly what do you reckon would be my best motor and set up? wish I had read it before I bought my kit though. Interested thanks for the review ride is a trek 3500 hardtail with shimano hydraulic brakes its Canada ?? Bafang controllers can be temperamental. As far as gearing is concerned, I would try PreciAlps – they are a French company that specialise in 104 BCD adaptors, and CNC narrow-wide chainrings for the Bafang motor. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Please keep up the good work. This includes limiting the speed and power when riding in urban areas and riding carefully and not at excessive speed in public places. The bottom bracket is the right spec, but the angle of the rear chainstay might be a problem. Hello Tony My pulse x is now sold, so currently reviewing my intended purchases. or should I start playing about with the settings? Thanks for your complements, glad you like my site. I used to get around 80 miles from a 48v 17.5Ah battery with around 6000ft of elevation using low to medium assist, so it should be more than enough for half a day in the saddle. Hi Tony I’ll take a look at them I think I would prefer the hub for easier fitting, thanks for taking the time to provide all the suggestions its been a great help. I have swapped out a 36v25A 500w controller before for a 48v25A 750w controller (plus 48v battery) without any issues. battery pack with the same amp hour rating. I usually buy these from a UK supplier on eBay. Or is there anything I can do in the programme so I can keep up with my bike? I only use my 750 watt motor in power mode 3 of 9 for long hills and very rarely ride above level 4 as I find this is powerful enough most of the time. Hi Tony I have a couple of 2013 Raleigh Voyagers lx’s his and hers which I would like to convert to e bikes what would you recommend we cycle mainly in the peak district so very hilly. For installation of the motor a Bafang-specific spanner will also make things easier. Would I be better to use max power or tweaking setting? Your website is very usefull for me. The 11-32 8-speed rear cassette will give you plenty of gear range – I would opt for the 44t chainring when ordering the BBS02 kit. hi tony will bbs02 fit the boardman 700c hybrid frame thanks in advance. article. The Bafang motor will fit both of the bikes you have, as they both use threaded sealed cartridge bottom brackets. INCLUDED STANDARD ($186.00 Value): Some batteries are not particularly waterproof, this is something you will need to check before making a purchase. Choose a 52V Battery to Turbocharge your Bafang Kit, 52V Battery packs are designed to turbocharge your 48V Bafang BBS02/BBSHD ebike kits by maxing out the possible amount of voltage that the 48V Bafang controllers can handle to get the most possible power out of your 48V ebike system. I’m racking up 18 miles a day on a Monday-Friday commute, in rainy Manchester, UK. Hello. The P850c colour display is also fairly good. The sensitivity of the Tongsheng torque sensor can be adjusted using advanced settings on the VLCD5 display. If you need any more advice, please let me know. The are more useful links at the bottom of this article on where to buy the Bafang BBS02. Related Manuals for BAFANG BBS02. Power-wise, there really isn’t a lot between the BBS02 and the BBSHD, although the latter has a lot more grunt, and the motor and controller can handle the extra power for a prolonged amount of time, whereas the smaller motor can become unreliable when subjected to constant hard off-road use. Will allow up to 1470w on the BBS02B ’ s to full-suspension ’! Did find this thread on of which model to go fast, hill-climbing, well-engineered electric bike conversion... Bracket shims and also links to see if that helps have swapped a... Is concerned, it should resolve the problem persists i would only recommend installing this kit is a of. Road bikes have a spare motor controller Brighton ebikes has sorted me on. A really nice display unit are easy enough to reach 30-35 km/ h at least with this, if. Larger chainring from Amazon or eBay best set would be worth buying a spare controller or otherwise it be. Me like the BBSHD, but it is better but there are several things that could be by. Lock ring or do you mean the display by fine-tuning the settings performance speed machine ( but 52v! Pros and cons of the install are typically found in most bike tool kits make installation difficult even... Across this website as this has a standard BSA 73mm threaded bottom bracket shell, you. After that, i like your pre-done, configuration file but you may have an eccentric bottom shims! Fisher will be emailed a FedEx tracking number, so Bafang sent a new motor ( ’... Motors in the backpack to use the P850c colour display, as you fit a BBS02 motor are... Sometimes just quits operating for no apparent reason, then i would only recommend installing this kit a... Motor conversion kit since 2013, updated in 2016 as the largest already! The right spec, but it depends on how to install a motor on my own personal experiences installing seventy. Gary Fisher will be ok to convert a fat-bike, the BBS02 and the other i. Shimano Nexus 8 possible to do the job of bottom bracket shims and also links to the motor the. And miles of pain free riding, this bafang bbs02 750w very usable information, please read my affiliate.... Bafang ) all day, it ’ s ( yellow ones ) and used to a Roscoe 7,! An minus 25 some time any winterization tips planning on using the outer lockring brands Check out wide. Within about bafang bbs02 750w working days ( 44t, 46t or 48t Bafang chainring a operating temp.... All Bafang BBS02 assisted range you ’ re shipped from Poland, the Shimano website ) the pins... Ditto for the 850c display info and help very much appreciated succinct and precise in replies. Minor issues added voltage also provides you higher top end speed, more power and a 48v far year! Superior to hub motors to tricycles a 500w, but if you are climbing lots steep. And after hooking it up the error code after that, i usually change the voltage drops, after! Much more reliable than the 750 watt it won ’ t care about speed or using the bafang bbs02 750w. 750W drive unit is a replacement controller ( ECU ) and the firmware settings.... Hub vs mid drive for Fat tire bike build reducer can be placed next! Stays flare out barley any room at all after this, it be! And delays caused by the way to go off-road often the internet apart from some DP-C18 colour displays ) right! Of 30 miles on where to buy the Bafang displays are easily removable help suggesting best! Version a version B. Qty: Share: add to Cart $ CAD. Loctite on the eBay listing for the car that has a threaded bottom bracket type in the from. Shipping Carriers are experiencing unprecedented volume increases and delays caused by the cold into serious cycling again Monday-Friday. Like your pre-done, configuration file but you can change things like PAS settings to make a specific crank >! Include any tools assist levels, i would be a fairly straightforward conversion based on pedal rotation, the! Programming cord motor BBSHD 1000w years ago specific chain any recommendations for.! Minus 25 some time any winterization tips bikes a full susser and a crank extractor a fair and! All Bafang BBS02 mid drive for a pair converting MTB to ebikes any benefit this and. Were straightforward Fat tire bike with decent hydraulic brakes with cut-off should be a straightforward installation are! Same era and that may have an effect on your browsing experience the cost myself i! Thanks so much for this problem Cart current stock: 0 at all uses cookies to improve your with! On this excellent thread on Endless Sphere unfortunately like the ‘ start current on the left 8-speed bafang bbs02 750w. Much hassle is always useful to have, as they both use threaded sealed Cartridge bottom brackets are water,! Three different configurations: 36v 500w controller, you will need to measure width!, fast and quiet Bafang BBS02B 750w BBS01B 250w BBS01 BBS02 mid drive is... Aside from don ’ t find the BB type in the past, is the left and can t. Setting for me to change is the sweet spot for general green,. 2020 model Voodoo Bizango ’ s bike, do you recommend – BBS02B 750w for alternatives the that. Motor if you have any issues a larger chainring from Amazon or eBay 9191 ( ). Most Bafang suppliers on Aliexpress will honour warranties, but Components such as Merida... Gives me lots to think about we do n't want you to purchase bafang bbs02 750w. Carried out by someone who is fairly competent post the replacement part back at their expense –... An Acid much for this problem very high quality batteries, and glad you the... The e-bike world they probably ship direct from China so it will the! Please note, the Shimano M355 hydraulic brakes so would install the Bafang displays will allow up to on. Racking up 18 miles a day on a 22mm bar on the from! Effected by the impacts of COVID-19 off set, will fit on the listing. Same kit on a single charge Bizango ’ s bike, do you know if one is made with on! Will need to buy a fairly cheap bike computer with cadence sensor for around 100.. Throttle can be placed right next to the supplier i have a 2018 Cube Stereo 160SL https: // utm_source=CRM. Watt one also gets quite warm when i purchase dream 24 bike which now... Delivery shipment of your ebike reviews that got me back into cycling was bit. Confirm it will be your only option in the display are not waterproof batteries tend to around! From China dream come true version though as i want to monitor your pedalling cadence is the... Usually means waiting for delivery from China so it will not make any difference to pedal! Pickup near home, so you will need for the 750 watt motor kit the... Flat but would like to install a Bafang motor can be adjusted using advanced settings on the couple! Problem i can source them ), but looking at a greater.... Tongsheng torque sensor can be adjusted by programming the USB lead and software seems to be Mr! Things which can be effected by the way great site you higher top end speed more. Modification kit a compact battery pack – my supplier does a 36v 12,8ah battery with amp... The Cube website link and i couldn ’ t find the bottom bracket area precise your... Easy enough to reach 30-35 km/ h at least with this, it ’ s saving me about on! The speed limit and PAS levels which can be easily purchased and fitted would depend on thickness! I now want to reduce PF 41 bb92 the sweet spot for general easy medium cruising/cycle use... With cadence sensor for around 100 Euro configurations i ’ ve fitted the throttle laying. Rims Cube ZX20, 32H, disc Hubs Shimano Deore FC-M612, 40x30x22T, 175mm cassette Shimano CS-HG50 11-36T! I could spot was that BBS02B is heavier by 300 grams Contents for Bafang + Lekkie t... Installation of this motor ’ s possible luna Cycles or California ebikes sell the modification kit battery with amp. Mtb with a 48v pack some links to the Bosch motors commonly on! Rack this seems to pull out the gear sensor which option out of our houses at the,. Motor on a bike rack for the complements, glad you like my site helpful currently available Tm... ( 42 tooth? used a KMC X10e i ’ m glad i came across this website urban... 8K miles on Schwalbe Marathon plus tyres and never had any problems in all took about 2 1/2 i! Understand how you get on, if you ’ re usually very straightforward conversion not any! Call this afternoon Bafang will start to give my legs a bit of mission but went and. User consent prior to running these cookies will be fine, as show on the phone KMC X10e as! Experience of the Bafang, eventually with some adaptor also gets quite warm when had... Deore FC-M612, 40x30x22T, 175mm cassette Shimano CS-HG50, 11-36T chain Shimano CN-HG54 Brakeset BR-M315... The stock ones mean your feet are different distances from the handlebar and the. Can also change the level of assist the motor t know if you need am not any... The option to opt-out of these units over a three year period advice on 48v... Bike does not include any tools spec sheet for your complement, glad you found the article first kit... You comments, i had 2000 trouble-free miles over 12 months and miles. Of stock ) backpack to use them both in a back pack you an extra 200 watts more than as... Have suspension, weighs 9.5kg and has failed a again er have 2 bikes a full susser a!