The Biomedical Informatics Lab (BIL) is a research centre under the School of Computer Science and Engineering (SCSE) at the Nanyang Technological University (NTU). Nanyang Technological University Centre for Optical Fibre Technology. CDPT is a participating centre in The Photonics Institute, a network of photonics research centres at NTU. BIL is the focus of the education, research and development, and human-resource training in bioinformatics at NTU. 2. Centre for Research and Development in Learning, CRADLE, NTU Singapore Nanyang Technological University Data Science & Artificial Intelligence Research Centre@ NTU Taidah Entreprenuership Center (Under Construction) The Centre, officially launched in 2015, is a unique Interdisciplinary Research Platform established to enhance research capability and explore new synergy for the NIMBELS cluster. NTUsg on Twitter. Ocean Center. NTU Education; Undergraduate Programmes; Graduate Programmes; Colleges/Schools; Global programmes; Institutes & Centres; Continuing Education; Research. NTU-JTC Industrial Infrastructure Innovation Centre. The Centre of Excellence for Testing & Research of Autonomous Vehicles – NTU (CETRAN) was opened in 2017 by Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore), the … Bone Tissue Engineering. The Hyundai Motor Group Innovation Centre in Singapore ties up with NTU as its first academic research partner to drive a vision for smart manufacturing and future mobility. Antimicrobial Bioengineering. Related Sites. Protective Technology Research Centre, CEE, NTU Singapore. For research paper deposits, please use DR-NTU. Connect with NTU, Singapore. Center for Innovative Therapeutics Discovery. This technology allows for the customization and production of complex parts at lower costs, to adapt to evolving technological trends, and to keep pace with increasing industrial demands. TSMC-NTU Joint Research Center (Under Construction) MediaTek-NTU Research Center. The Centre for Lifelong Learning and Individualised Cognition (CLIC) , funded by the National Research Foundation (NRF) in Singapore and coordinated through the Cambridge Centre for Advanced Research and Education in Singapore (CARES), is a collaboration between Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and the University of Cambridge.CLIC is a flagship programme in the … As one of the research centres in COOL ASIA, CHESS draws upon theories and concepts from communication and … 506 were here. Director, Robotics Research Centre School o f Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Tel: 6790 5610 Email: Office: N3.2-02-74 Deputy Director Pham Quang Cuong Associate Professor School o f Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Tel: 6790 5597 Email: Office: N3.2-02-37 SATELLITE RESEARCH CENTRE PROVIDES: 1. SiRC on Twitter Over the years, we have built significant research … Name Title School / Dept Benjamin Ang Senior Fellow Centre of Excellence for National Security S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies Bhattacharjee Debjyoti (Dr) Research Fellow Cyber Security Research Centre @ NTU The Biosciences Research Centre (BRC) is a research platform for SBS researchers but also open to NTU and other Singapore institutions. Not sure which programme to go for? More recently, IME and Si-COE are also working on a new programme in the area of heterogeneous OEIC specifically on InP integration on Si to realize high performance photonics systems. Cyber Security Research Centre @ NTU, CYSREN is a research centre of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore And it was NTU’s reputation as a top global university that drew the South Korean carmaker to pick the university as its first research partner. NTU Food Technology Centre (NAFTEC) Mis sion Control Operation Research / Satellite Data is availa ble for download at DR-NTU Dataverse 3D Printing is gaining popularity on a global scale due to its potential to transform how products are designed and manufactured. Design & Test Services. The main objective of this Centre is to promote the research work in textile sector. 506 were here. NTUsg on Youtube ICRM - Institute of Catastrophe Risk Management. Centre for Business Sustainability (CBS) Centre of Excellence International Trading (CEIT) Center for Leadership and Cultural Intelligence (CLCI) Culture Science Institute (CSI) Information Management Research Centre (IMARC) Insurance Risk and Finance Research Centre (IRFRC) Centre for Emerging Markets (CEM) NTU-SBF Centre for African Studies (CAS) EPGC is one of the leading research centre in the energy grid and system domain with a megawatt-scale (MW) grid facility. Connect with NTU, Singapore The Singapore Membrane Technology Centre (SMTC) under the Nanyang Environment & Water Research Institute (NEWRI), at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) of Singapore, was established in January 2008 to do fundamental and applied research in membrane technology. Training program. Nanyang Technological University Data Science & Artificial Intelligence Research Centre@ NTU Nanyang Technological University (NTU) set up the Nanyang Centre for Public Administration (NCPA) in December 2009 under its College of Humanities, Arts, & Social Sciences (HASS). Centre for Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore The main objective of this Centre is to promote the research work in textile sector. The Centre for Emergent Quantum Materials (CEQM) performs research on an expanding class of novel quantum materials and devices displaying unconventional quantum properties. Centre for Emergent Quantum Materials. Si-COE research focus includes device/circuit design and integration. Health Data Research Center . The 14th International Conference on Provable and Practical Security will take place in Singapore. Air Traffic Management Research Institute, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Centre for Healthy and Sustainable cities (CHESS) The Centre for HEalthy and Sustainable citieS (CHESS)is an interdisciplinary research centre devoted to projects on health, risk and environmental issues from human-centred perspectives in the Asian context. More Details NEWRI - Nanyang Environment & Water Research Institute. 3. National Taiwan University Children and Family Research Center Sponsored by CTBC Charity Foundation. Singapore Internet Research Centre (SIRC) Connect with SiRC, NTU. The aim is to facilitate research to address important biomedical and biological questions important for Singapore and the world in the XXI century. 29 November - 01 December 2020. Protective Technology Research Centre. COVID-19 Research Resources; Research Grant Call; COVID-19 Collective CLICK HERE CLICK HERE ... NTU Finalists 27-Oct-2020 A Rights Based Approach to the Design and Use of AI: Knowledge Sharing Session 16-Oct-2020. Centre for Population Health Sciences (CePHaS) - World Health Organization Collaborating Centre for Digital Health & Health Education Cognitive Neuroimaging Centre (CoNiC) Family Medicine & Primary Care- Centre for Primary Health Care Research & Innovation (CPHCRI) - Primary Care Research … For example, NTU and IME have already started a TSRP project on GaN-on-Silicon. Deposit, archive and share your final research data in DR-NTU (Data) DR-NTU (Data) is for research data deposit. The university was ranked 2 nd to Microsoft by the Nikkei Asian Review in 2017 for being the organisation with most quoted AI-related research papers in the world. Read More NTU Singapore revitalises Yunnan Garden as a place for leisure, education and heritage.
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