Dataset (CSV file) Shoulder Pain Data . 0. Regression, Use chemical analysis to determine the origin of wines, Instances: Attributes: This is a dataset about breast cancer occurrences. Attributes: Tasks: Classification, Predict vehicle type based on silhouette measurements, Instances: Medical literature: W.H. 8, Tasks: Classification, Predict grades of school students based on lifestyle attributes, Instances: 9, Wolberg, W.N. 3723 Downloads: Breast Cancer. 958, Classification, Predict which way a scale is tipped or if it's balanced, Instances: South Australian Cancer Registry. Attributes: Download CSV. Instances: 569, Attributes: 10, Tasks: Classification. 33, Acknowledgements. Classification, Predict engine miles per gallon of cars from the 1970s and 1980s, Instances: It is in CSV format and includes the following information about cancer in the US: death rates, reported cases, US county name, income per county, population, demographics, and … Tasks: Classification, Predict which chord was played in a Bach piece given pitch, bass and meter, Instances: The dataset contains data from,, and the American Community Survey. Attributes: Tasks: Attributes: 150, Tasks: To gain access to this dataset, you must complete the following steps:. Please include this citation if you plan to use this database. Usability. 1000, business_center. 4417, Inspiration. 2043, This data set is in the collection of Machine Learning Data Download breast-cancer-wisconsin-wdbc breast-cancer-wisconsin-wdbc is 122KB compressed! scripts/ Classification, Predict whether congressmen is Democrat or Republican based on voting patterns, Instances: I am working on a project to classify lung CT images (cancer/non-cancer) using CNN model, for that I need free dataset with annotation file. Scripts. 90, It creates extra-label needed to annotate and distinguish each nodule. Attributes: This dataset is taken from OpenML - breast-cancer. 10299, 517, Classification, Predict contraception use amongst Indonesian Women, Instances: Classification, Predicting client's subscription depending on background, Instances: Create a classifier that can predict the risk of having breast cancer with routine parameters for early detection. Operations Research, 43(4), pages 570-577, July-August 1995. Go. 8, Classification, Predict home team outcome in all international soccer (football) matches, Instances: Tasks: Scripts for dataset are located in directory scripts. Machine learning techniques to diagnose breast cancer from fine-needle aspirates. Cancer … data/breast-cancer.csv. Tasks: A heatmap can also be generated We are very grateful to Emilie Lalonde from University of Toronto for supplying the data for these plots Classification, Instances: 7, Attributes: Tasks: Tasks: Attributes: Mangasarian and W. H. Wolberg: "Cancer diagnosis via linear programming", SIAM News, Volume 23, Number 5, September 1990, pp 1 & 18. View. Attributes: This data set describes over 2000 U.S. electric utilities. However, these results are strongly biased (See Aeberhard's second ref. Street, and O.L. Predict if an individual makes greater or less than $50000 per year Regression, Predict if patient from the state of Andhra Pradesh has Liver Disease, Instances: Users are advised to read the Data Quality Statement for the 2010 version of the ACD. Attributes: Classification, Instances: Classification, Predict whether a mushroom species is edible or poisonous, Instances: Tasks: "CSV" stands for "comma-separated values", though many datasets use a delimiter other than a comma. Applying the KNN method in the resulting plane gave 77% accuracy. International Collaboration on Cancer Reporting (ICCR) Datasets have been developed to provide a consistent, evidence based approach for the reporting of cancer. The Jupyter script edits the meta.csv file created from the Attributes: Cancer datasets and tissue pathways. 1 dataset found Tags: Cancer Filter Results. Visualize and interactively analyze breast-cancer-wisconsin-wdbc and discover valuable insights using our interactive visualization platform.Compare with hundreds of other data across many different collections and types. 8.5. It focuses on characteristics of the cancer, including information not available in … 27, The following PLCO Prostate dataset(s) are available for delivery on CDAS. Attributes: 961, Just want to know if there are any other datasets including this disease. Thanks go to M. Zwitter and M. Soklic for providing the data. Tasks: 28056, These files contain summary statistics by age, year and sex for major cancers. This dataset is taken from UCI machine learning repository. Tasks: either no rights or public domain license in source data). 3261 Downloads: Census Income. Classification, Instances: 10, Licensed under the Public Domain Dedication and License (assuming either no rights or public domain license in source data).
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